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BYO Anahi Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-BYO-Anahi

The team over at BYO Hookahs has finally entered the realm of glass hookahs with their latest release: the Anahi hookah! Standing at a modest 12 inches tall, the Anahi combines portability and functionality to create a piece that is easily taken on the go while also providing quality smoke sessions that can match even the largest of hookahs.

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BYO Anahi Glass Hookah

The Anahi consists of a solid glass body that starts off wide at the bottom, slopes inward around the midsection, and then tapers back out to provide ample room for the hose port and purge valve that are seated directly in the glass. Extending down into this glass base is a wide-gauge down stem that delivers smooth pulls and thick clouds of smoke with ease.

But what's that at the bottom of the down stem you ask? Good eye fellow hookah smoker! The Anahi down stem comes included with a built-in hookah diffuser that aims to minimize the amount of "rumble" from your base water when smoking. This results in a quieter, less intrusive experience when it comes to the noise during your sessions.


All of the metal hardware on this hookah is crafted from high quality stainless steel, meaning it will be resistant to rust and corrosion (with proper maintenance), and feature threaded connections so your Anahi can be disassembled with ease for storage, travel, or maintenance/cleaning.


The included coal tray is small enough to remain portable, but large enough to comfortably ash your coals if needed, however we do not recommend keeping lit charcoal on your tray as there is no "lip" around the edge to prevent coals from tumbling off the tray in the event of any accidents.

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