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BYO Short Wide Phunnel Hookah Bowl

SKU: BTO-Bowl-BYO-Phunnel-ShortWide

Another bowl from BYO designed to keep your HMD in one place during your smoke session. So long to the fears of that heat piece falling while you take an inhale and start the rumbling. These solid clay bowls are designed to withstand high heat, and feature a glazed built to last a lifetime of smoke sessions.

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BYO Short Wide Phunnel Hookah Bowl

  • Height - 3.5"
  • Diameter - 3.375"
  • Holds 15g-25g of shisha tobacco
  • HMD Compatible

The design team over at BYO Hookahs has decided to focus on simple, functional designs with subtle enhancements in their latest run of budget friendly hookah bowls and the HMD Phunnel bowl follows this formula to a tee! Manufactured using high quality ceramics and a resilient, durable glaze finish, this accessory was designed to provide an optimal entry-level upgrade into the world of HMD compatible bowls.

You'll immediately notice the large, raised spire that is indicative of "phunnel" style bowls. This spire design helps prevent the flavor juice in your shisha tobacco from dripping down into your hookah, resulting in longer lasting, more flavorful smoke sessions. If you look closely, you should also notice small "notches" or airflow channels etched directly into the spire. These channels help provide open and consistent airflow throughout your sessions resulting in a more satisfying smoke.

Along the outer edge of the bowl, BYO has crafted a "lipped" edge that is specifically designed to be compatible with heat management devices (HMDs) such as the Kaloud Lotus Plus (or any other HMDs with a 3 inch diameter). This lip provides a shelf for your HMD to rest on while helping keep it more secure than "non-lipped" bowls.

Standing at 3 1/2 inches tall with a diameter of 3 3/8 inches (at its widest point), the BYO HMD Phunnel holds approximately 15-25g of shisha tobacco, depending on how you pack, and the versatility provided by the spire design means you can comfortably use this bowl with both blonde leaf and dark leaf tobaccos.


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