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BYO Stratus Hookah

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All it takes is one look at the Stratus from BYO Hookahs to know that you've left the world of tradition and entered the realm of modern hookahs.

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BYO Stratus Hookah

Standing at 23 inches tall (fully assembled), the BYO Stratus is made with a CNC machined aerospace grade aluminum exterior and undergoes a process called "anodizing" which provides several benefits: 1) Your stem exterior will be resistant to stains and tarnish and 2) it comes available in a wide variety of colors!


While the exterior is aluminum, the interior down stem is crafted from high quality stainless steel which helps protect the inside of your shisha pipe from rust, flavor "ghosting" (or staining), and corrosion (with proper maintenance). This helps ensure you experience clean and flavorful shisha tobacco sessions.


Sure, modern construction and a cool design is fun and all, but how does the Stratus smoke? After some testing, we can say it smokes great! The wide-gauge down stem allows for maximum airflow meaning it's easier than ever to get thick clouds of smoke with each pull.


And for added smoothness, the built-in diffuser helps reduce the noise from the "rumble" when smoking resulting in a quieter, less intrusive shisha smoking experience.


Included with the Stratus hookah is a heavy duty, color-matched, threaded glass hookah base that provides stability to your sessions. Featuring BYO Hookahs' patented "twist to lock" base design, your stem and base attach with a simple twist while ensuring an airtight connection without the need for a regular rubber base grommet.


The included washable hookah hose features a high quality plastic tubing that will never rust as well as a 10 inch handle with a foam grip that adds an additional level of comfort. To wash the hose, run hot water (or some lemon juice) through one end for several minutes.


This allows any residue or old, stained shisha flavor to be rinsed out of your hose which results in cleaner, better tasting smoke sessions.


Want to use a different hose or bowl with the BYO Stratus? You can! The traditional style hose and bowl ports are compatible with every hookah hose and hookah bowl we carry so you can use your favorite accessories with ease.

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