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BYO Taurus Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-BYO-Taurus

Shimmering like the constellations in the sky, the BYO Taurus hookah displays a selection of metallic and bold exterior colors for these pipes. You won't have to worry about wield marks or any colors fading on your with this hookah purchase.

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BYO Taurus Hookah

Ooohhwee! Check out the curves on Taurus everybody, but not all at once. BYO hookahs keeps the space theme going with the Taurus model and features a smooth aluminum exterior like the Orion, Challenger, and Apollo.


The bases equipped with these shafts are awesome, they features a trumpet style design with a slick reflective edge. Taurus may look tall from the flared shaft but it stands at 24" which is pretty standard in our book. As you scroll through the color options you'll notice all of the accessories match nicely, and the included hose is 100% washable for several sessions.

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