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BYO XS Hookah


The name might be "XS" but this BYO Hookah is anything but small! Standing at 25 inches tall and featuring a sleek two-tone stem design, this pipe emits an aura of pure elegance.

Included Premium Shisha Flavor:
Free Hookah Charcoal:
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BYO XS Hookah

The BYO XS hookah is crafted with aerospace grade aluminum on the outside, with a high quality stainless steel down stem on the inside. This means your stem will be resistant to flavor ghosting, corrosion, and staining, with proper maintenance, all the while ensuring a fresh shisha session every time.


Along with the industrial stem, you will also receive a washable hookah hose that is made from medical grade silicone tubing with a color matched handle. Keep your sessions tasting great by running hot water through the hose to wash out any stained shisha flavors.


If your hose is particularly stained, try using lemon juice to clean inside the hose, making sure to fully rinse it out with water before use.


The silicone hose tubing attaches to the included heel tip that is machined in such a way that it perfectly inserts into your hookah hub and provides an airtight hose connection without the need for a regular rubber hose grommet.


Want to use a different hose with the XS? You can! You can insert the included heel tip into any silicone hose that we carry which gives you a large number of possible hoses to use with this piece.


On top of the hose, you'll also be getting a clay BYO Black Stone hookah bowl, an included coal tray, all the necessary grommets, as well as our usual free gifts!


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