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BYO Zilla Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-BYO-Zilla

Part of BYO Hookahs' proprietary Resin Wood line of hookahs, the Zilla combines the classy aesthetic of natural wood grain with the modernism of resin! And let me tell you folks, we can't get over how the gorgeous resin POPS in these pipes.

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BYO Zilla Resin Wood Hookah

The Resin-Wood stem rests securely atop a "twist-to-lock" glass base that is color matched to your stem and measures in at a fully assembled height of 23 inches. BYO's patented base locking design ensures an airtight smoke session without the use of a traditional base grommet.


The stainless steel downstem is resistant to flavor ghosting and corrosion (with proper maintenance), allowing for cleaner, more flavorful sessions, and features a built in diffuser to help smooth out your shisha sessions even further. It's wide gauge allows for full and open airflow, making it easy to get some thick thunderclouds from your shisha flavors.


Beyond the hookah itself, you will receive a clay BYO hookah bowl, a washable medical-grade silicone hookah hose with a matching resin-wood handle, and all the grommets you'll need to guarantee an airtight seal.


This hookah comes as a single hose model, however it can easily be converted into a 2 hose model with the addition of an Amira/BYO hookah hose adapter!

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