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Chubbs Hookah Bowl

SKU: BTO-Bowl-Chubbs

You can call it Chubbs, but we're the only ones that get to call this bowl by its full name, Charles Chubberson. Now that we've got the name out of the way, are you ready for smoke session full of thick flavorful clouds? Chubbs has been one of our customer favs for a while and we know why, it's easy to use and affordable.

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Shisha House Chubbs Phunnel Hookah Bowl

  • Height - 3"
  • Diameter - 3"
  • Holds 12g-20g of shisha tobacco
  • Foil/HMD Compatible

The Chubbs hookah bowl is another fantastic entry level hookah bowl option that features a phunnel style spire design. The raised spire keeps all that flavor in the bowl rather than in your base or stem, which means that your sessions will be more flavorful and longer lasting.


Made from clay, the Chubbs bowl will heat up nicely providing an even, smooth smoke during your hookah session.  The design of this bowl is simplicity at its finest. Meant to be a no frills, easy to use hookah bowl, the Chubbs accomplishes that goal expertly.


A solid glaze all around makes this bowl resistant to flavor ghosting, and with three colors available, you'll have no issues finding a bowl that matches your hookah.  *These bowls are handmade and size specifications vary with each batch*


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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