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CocoUrth Flat Hookah Charcoal

SKU: BTO-Coal-CocoUrth-Box-Flat

Are you looking for the perfect piece of hookah charcoal? The one with clean cut edges all around, consistent quality, minimal ash, and solid heat output. You can stop looking because it's right in front of you, and they go by the name of Cocourth.

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CocoUrth Flat Organic Coconut Hookah Charcoal

  • Coal size - 25mm x 25mm x 18mm
  • Requires an electric charcoal heater
  • Wait untill the coals are fully lit before using

 These coals are crafted with the use of only organic materials, which is something you'll hear from many coal manufactures but Cocourth takes it up a notch. Their team prides themselves on using the purest ingredients and placing them right on the package, and they've achieved a high calorific value without a single chemical added to the composition.


Cocourth coals achieve their perfect shape by undergoing a Golden Cut process, and this allows you to experience a clean cut charcoal with every piece. After blowing through the sample boxes of charcoal, we knew these coals needed to be offered to everybody.


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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