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CocoUrth Mini Cube Hookah Charcoal

SKU: BTO-Coal-CocoUrth-Box-100-MiniCube

If you're having trouble getting the heat right in session and full size cubes are too hot for you, checkout these MINI cubes. These CocoUrth gems produce more heat than a flat shape charcoal and they'll last longer. You'll find no problems getting the mini cubes to work with your HMD.

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Size100 pcs
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Cocourth Mini Cube Organic Coconut Hookah Charcoal

  • Coal size - 22mm x 22mm x 22mm
  • Requires an electric charcoal heater
  • Wait untill the coals are fully lit before using

Earlier this year Cocourth opened up a new factory to produce their fan favorite flat and cube shape organic charcoal. Once they were finished with their original sizes, a new shape was born for the fans of heat management devices. The Cocourth Mini Cubes measure at 22m x 22m x 22m and produce a great amount of heat with a low ash content.


These coals should take around 9-12 minutes with a single coil hookah charcoal burner and should be flipped at the halfway mark. They should never be used with a open flame, torch, or flame thrower. When you're using any hookah charcoal please make sure that your coals are fully lit before placing them onto your bowl for optimal flavor output.


In order to achieve the longest shelf life with your coals, make sure to keep them stored in a dry environment.


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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