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Disposable Cup Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Cup

The specific color of your Cup Holder hookah will vary. We are not able to guarantee exactly which color of hookah you will receive. This shatterproof acrylic construction has an included diffuser for less rumble and the design allows it to be extremely portable.

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Color: Green
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Portable Cup Holder Hookah

You are now looking at a hookah that was designed purely with functionality and convenience in mind: the Portable Cup Holder Hookah! Seriously folks, if you're looking for a simple travel hookah or something to take with you on your outdoor adventures then look no further.

What makes the Cup Holder hookah so portable? Well it's size of course! It measures a total assembled height of 7 1/2 inches which is SUPER compact and the whole thing assembles without the need for a single rubber grommet! Additionally, the large majority of the hookah is made from acrylic plastic meaning you won't have to worry about any breakable glass with this piece.

This Cup hookah comes included with a diffuser that minimizes the restriction on your draw as well as reduces the amount of "rumble" and movement you get when smoking. The washable plastic hose keeps flavors fresh and the metal bowl screen provides consistent heat to your shisha without affecting the plastic housing. It's the perfect hookah to take with you to the beach, lake, or any summer trip!

Not a fan of the included bowl set up and want to use something else? No problem! The "inside fitting" bowl port makes this Cup hookah compatible with any hookah bowl we carry!

Note: While these are "Cup Holder" hookahs, we DO NOT recommend using this hookah or hot charcoal while your vehicle is in motion.

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