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D-Hose Hybrid Edition Hookah Hose

SKU: BTO-Hose-DHose-2.0

What's the most important feature of a hookah hose besides it's washable status? The grip! The Dream team went grip first on their Hybrid hookah hose and now you get to reap the benefits of a soft touch silicone handle pad. It's a beautiful "hybrid" combination of aluminum and silicone.

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D-Hose Hybrid Edition 2.0 Hookah Hose

  • Length - 72" (including handle)
  • Handle Length - 20"
  • Ultra wide guage hose for maximum airflow
  • 100% Washable

The Hybrid Edition D-hose 2.0 is one of the newest members to the D-hose family, and this new hose is guaranteed to make any hookah smoker happy. In the past we have seen the D-hose collection utilize glass (D-hose glass), and aluminum (Aluminum D-hose), all of which contain a superb wide open draw. This new model of hose has a unique handle that combines aluminum and silicon, creating one hybrid beast of a hose measuring at 72" long.


Have you ever wished for a better grip on your hose handle? You might find yourself playing an intense CTF game on Call of Duty while constantly dropping the standard fabric wrapped hoses, and all you could wish for is some extra grip. Well we're no genie but we will let you know that your wish has been granted, the Hybrid Edition D-hose 2.0 features a traditional style hose handle with a modern twist and grip. 

The mid section of the handle has a smooth finished silicone wrap, so there is no way that this hose is leaving your hand, unless you pass it but who would want to do that this hose is great. This silicone wrap isn't removable but it washes very easy, so go ahead and enjoy your finger foods while you smoke there nothing sticking to this grip but your hand.


When a flavor is trapped in your hose, who do you call Ghost-Busters? We would love to make that call but the Hybrid D-hoses use surgical grade silicone, so there is never a chance of having any flavor trapped inside.

This is a hose that can be dedicated to every session and not just double apple or kashmir. We haven't come across a single flavor that we couldn't remove from the hose with a quick rinse. The silicone material is very flexible and durable so don't be afraid to give it the ol' Indiana Jones rope twirl when your done rinsing.


This is to make sure that no water is trapped inside the hose, and it gives you an edge on the competition if you are ever involved in a rodeo show. And if it comes down to a fire this hose may help you, we're not sure how but it can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit or a Texas summer.


Let it be known that there were no new species created during the hybrid fusion process that created this incredible hose design, but the D-hose team was still able to knock it out of the park with an amazing combo of high quality materials.


There is nothing worse than being handed rust tipped hose to use for a smoke session, with a friend's promise that the flavor isn't altered "that" badly. If this happens to you, slap that hose out of their hand and let them know there is only one way to smoke and that is clean. 

In order to create the cleanest sessions possible the hybrid hoses utilize anodized aluminum, this is a material that will never be affected by rust or corrosion and it comes with a weight that screams quality. In all honesty the hose is a key part to any session, and the hybrid hoses leave you with a shiny clean tip that you can pass around without fear of getting the hose slapped out of your hand.

Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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