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Echo Pill Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Echo-Pill

The Echo Pill is a solid metal construction, machined with fine details. Each air flow is filtered through a water diffuser to give it a smooth in-flow. The hookah base comes in high quality glass and completes the quality build of the product. With its clean, modern design, it looks like a Pill that exudes avant-garde, class and status. Unlike the Studebaker Gravity, this Hookah does not rotate 180 degrees and is not susceptible to water leaks or damage. Add a LED light below the glass base to give it a pop of cool party colors.

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Echo Pill Hookah

  • Remove all items from the box – stem goes only one way into the stand with diffuser at the bottom and air filters at the top
  • To unscrew the glass base, rotate 45 degrees and pull down (do not do this with the stem already in the stand)
  • Fill glass base 1/3 or ½ with water (add ice to get the added icy feeling)
  • Attach stem to stand – oval shape at the base of stem goes into oval shape vertical upright (does not rotate)
  • Attach hose to stem with hose adapter
  • Attach grommet to bowl connector for bowl (optional, attach round eclipse black tray for the sleek look)
  • To extend your experience, use a bowl and heat management device
  • Pack your bowl, load charcoal into your HMD. Happy Days!!

Hookah Charcoals

Select between natural charcoals or instant quicklights to ignite your session.

Cleaning Brush

We recommend a thorough cleaning of your pipe before the first use.


Tongs pick up coals. Fingers don't pick up coals.

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