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Egyptian Clay Hookah Bowl

SKU: BTO-Bowl-Egyptian

Book 1, chapter 1, first word. This is where it all begins for the western world of hookah, the Egyptian bowl was everyone's first bowl for decades. We know some hookah fanatics that never moved away from this bowl, and we like to say "if it's not broke, smoke it". This bowl is the cheapest on our shelves and it works with just about any style of shisha.

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Traditional Egyptian Hookah Bowl

  • Height - 3"
  • Diameter - 2.8"-3"
  • Holds 15g-20g of shisha tobacco
  • Handmade in Egypt

This is a traditional hand-made Egyptian clay hookah bowl that will fit on pretty much any type of hookah with a proper bowl grommet. It is made of rich brown clay material and is very sturdy but also cheap to replace. The Egyptian style bowls are what you can expect to see at your hookah lounge, smoke shop, and free with most hookah purchases. 


It���������������������������s a pretty straightforward bowl preparation process of filling the interior but leaving space between the shisha for heat to pass through. Afterwards place either foil or if size permits a heat management device on top, add your charcoal, and you're good to go.

These are 100% authentic handmade products so there will be variations in overall sizing, but we guarantee each bowl will function properly. This clay hookah bowl has the capacity to hold between 15-20 grams of flavored hookah tobacco.


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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