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Egyptian Nile Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Shika-Nile

The great Nile, the longest and most well-known river in both ancient and modern societies, was the lifeline of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Its unending source of sustenance and fertility is what made ancient Egypt the best structured in history, and now you too can experience this unparalleled structure with the Nile single hosed hookah.

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Egyptian Nile Hookah

At 22" tall, the Nile hookah pipe is hand-crafted with the most solid and sturdy stainless steel, both inside and out - so there is no need to worry about rust. The large glass base is hand-blown by skilled Egyptian artisans and ensures a thick, tasty smoke with every puff. The bowl is made of sturdy clay, the same material as ancient pottery forged from the nutrient-rich soil of the Nile Delta.


Take a dip in the Nile - experience unequaled and timeless pleasure not felt since the dawn of the Egyptian civilization. Due to the nature of hand-painted bases, individual designs may differ from those depicted.


This hookah will come with a handmade base, a handmade Nile stem, a black Bishop bowl, a Al Fakher Disposable Hookah Hose, and all necessary grommets!


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