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Egyptian Scarab Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Shika-Scarab

By far, the most sacred and important amulet of the ancient Egyptians was the scarab beetle, which adorned the tombs of the most powerful Pharaohs and highest ranking officials since the dawn of the Egyptian civilization. The ancient Egyptians identified the scarab as a symbol of creation, regeneration, and eternal existence, and now this great adornment can be experienced at home with the Scarab single-hosed hookah.

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Egyptian Scarab Hookah

The Scarab small hookah, standing at 18" tall, is one of the smallest of our Egyptian hookah family. Much like the power behind the revered beetle of the same name - held sacred since the first Dynasty - this hookah packs a surprisingly powerful and exceptional smoking experience fit for any king or commoner alike, in spite of its small stature. Its stainless steel shaft and hand-blown glass base will provide a smoking experience nothing short of extraordinary.


If you're looking for a powerful and awesome smoke in a small package, then take a puff from the Scarab! Experience the power of a hookah that symbolizes eternal existence that will last you a lifetime.

This hookah will come with a Al Fakher disposable hose, a black Bishop bowl, all necessary grommets, and of course the stem and the glass base!

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