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Fumari M120 Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Fumari-M120

A Fumari hookah!? Yup! As a long time favorite shisha brand, Fumari now brings to you their own signature hookah. Modern design, stainless steel and top quality glass can do you no wrong from a trusted brand in the hookah world!

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Fumari has released the first of its modern design hookahs with the M120. Featuring stainless steel components and an entirely washable hose, the M120 is just as tip-top quality as their shisha line. The kink-resistant, silicone tubing hose features a stainless steel handle to match the clean lines as the rest of this hookah. The hub on the M120 has a 5-bearing purge valve system to keep your smoke fresh by clearing the base out with ease!

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