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Golden Desert 2 Paf Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-GoldenDesert-2Paf

Everyone give a warm welcome to the 2 Paf hookah pipe from Golden Desert Hookahs! Standing at a total height of 18 inches tall, the 2 Paf stem and base are constructed entirely from shatterproof acrylic meaning you won't have to worry about any breakable glass with this hookah.

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Golden Desert 2 Paf Acrylic Hookah

The durable construction, combined with it's compact height, makes the 2 Paf hookah ideal in a variety of situations. Looking to travel with a hookah but don't want to risk glass breaking in your bag? 2 Paf.


Need a hookah to take to a party but don't trust people to be around a hookah? 2 Paf. Want something that you can take outdoors on a hike or to the beach without breaking the bank? Believe it or not, 2 Paf.

The threaded base design adds an extra layer of security as well. The base and stem firmly twist together to create an airtight seal without the need for a traditional rubber base grommet all while allowing the base to remain securely in place when transporting your pipe.


Nothing is worse than your base full of water dropping and hitting the ground when carrying your hookah, and with the 2 Paf that is a thing of the past!


Okay okay, you get it, the hookah is all acrylic, but what about the accessories? The 2 Paf comes included with an unglazed clay bowl, a color matched washable hose, and the necessary grommets needed to get your hookah smoking right out of the box.


And while the body of the hookah itself is acrylic, Golden Desert has designed it to come with a metal coal tray so you'll still have somewhere to ash your hookah charcoal when needed.

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