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Golden Desert Ada Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-GoldenDesert-Ada

Ever impressed with the compact hookahs from Golden Desert, we're proud to introduce the Ada hookah that measures a grand total of 17 inches tall and puts out clouds of smoke with ease. Constructed from stainless steel, the Ada is CNC machined to exact specifications meaning each and every piece will fit together perfectly.

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Golden Desert ADA Hookah

You can find the Ada resting atop a wide bottom, high quality glass base that features a twist to lock base and stem connection. This allows for a rock solid airtight connection without having to worry about getting the right traditional rubber base grommet.

But how does it smoke? Really well actually, thanks for asking!


The wide gauge, stainless steel down stem that creates a draw this is minimally restricted and delivers thick clouds of smoke with ease. You can also make your sessions smoother and quieter by adding a hookah diffuser! This will pull the smoke through several smaller holes, rather than one large one, which in turn makes the "bubbling" of the water in your base less robust.


Included with the Golden Desert Ada is a washable silicone hookah hose that allows you to easily rinse out any stained or ghosted flavors from your hose with just hot water (or lemon juice). This helps keep your shisha flavors tasting clean and fresh by minimizing flavor build up in your hose tubing.


The silicone hose tubing attaches directly to the hub of the hookah, as opposed to through a traditional hose port, eliminating the need for regular hose grommets! This type of connection is compatible with any other type of silicone tubing so feel free to use your preferred silicone hose on this hookah if you want, as it will work just fine!

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