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Golden Desert Blaster Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-GoldenDesert-Blaster

Get ready to blast off with the Blaster hookah from Golden Desert! A compact hookah pipe that stands at 17 1/2 inches tall, the Blaster combines portability with high quality construction that results in a modern hookah that you can easily take on the go.

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Golden Deset Blaster Hookah

The body of the stem is constructed from smooth, high quality CNC machined stainless steel. Each piece is designed to exact specifications meaning they fit together perfectly and the threaded construction of the body means you can easily disassemble the stem for a simplified cleaning process.


The tapered stem exterior itself is anodized to provide a variety of color options for the stem's midsection which also has the added benefit of making the Blaster resistant to stains and tarnish. The stainless steel internal down stem provides smooth, cloudy smoke sessions while also protecting against rust and corrosion (with proper maintenance).


The glass base features a threaded design that allows the base and stem to firmly twist together creating an airtight seal without the need for a traditional rubber base grommet.


There are several highlighted accessories that comes with the Blaster, the first of which is a silicone hose with a color matched handle! Medical grade silicone tubing allows you to wash the hose by running hot water through it for several minutes.


You will also receive a carrying case with this pipe! Golden Desert has included a soft-shell bag that makes it easier than ever to take your hookah on the go. All parts of the Blaster will disassemble and neatly fit inside the bag for simple transportation or storage.

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