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Golden Desert Madness Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-GoldenDesert-Madness

Take caution! Staring at the Golden Desert Madness hookah too long might cause you to go insane! We're only joking, but the exterior of these hookahs definitely feature some crazy patterns that we've never seen before!

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Golden Desert Madness Hookah

Underneath all the patterns though is a high quality piece that smokes great and will provide a unique aesthetic to your personal hookah collection.


The stainless steel stem is resistant to rust and corrosion (with proper maintenance) and rests atop a threaded glass base that provides an airtight stem/base connection without the need for a rubber base grommet. The finished exterior helps protect this hookah from stains and tarnish as well!


Golden Desert constructed the Madness hookah with a hidden purge system that doesn't protrude from the stem but still allows you to clear out any harsh or stale smoke from your base. Just gently blow into your hose and watch smoke get ejected from the top of your hub.

The stainless steel down stem provides an open draw with minimal restriction while also protecting against rust and corrosion. It will include a built in hookah diffuser as well which serves to make your sessions even smoother while reducing the noise from the rumble with each pull.


This Madness model arrives with a medical grade silicone hookah hose that is completely washable attaches to the horizontal threaded hose connector with ease and the slim, lightweight hose handle fits comfortably in your hand.


Want to use a different hookah hose with the Madness? You can! Any silicone hose is able to be attached directly to the connecting piece.

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