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Golden Desert Stinger Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-GoldenDesert-Stinger

The 23 inch tall Stinger from Golden Desert hookahs offers shisha smokers an inexpensive, modern hookah that can put out some thick clouds with ease. Made from stainless steel, the two-tone stem offers clean lines and multiple color options that can fit a multitude of aesthetics.

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Golden Desert Stinger Hookah

At the bottom of the wide gauge down stem, the Stinger will come with a built in hookah diffuser  which serves to make your sessions even smoother while reducing the noise from each of your pulls. The open down stem combined with this diffuser results in a smooth draw that delivers your shisha smoke with minimal effort.

Golden Desert didn't forget the style, either, as they paired the stem with a threaded glass hookah base that almost reminds us of crystal decanters. Speaking of threaded pieces, you can also disassemble the stem to make cleaning a breeze.


Either a hookah cleaning solution, or warm water and soap on a brush, will be plenty to clean your shisha pipe and get your sessions back to tasting fresh.


You'll receive a color matched washable silicone hookah hose with the Golden Desert Stinger, allowing you to easily rinse out any stained or ghosted flavors from your hose with just hot water. This will ensure past shisha flavors don't interfere with your current session and each bowl tastes as great as can be.


Along with the silicone hose, this hookah comes included with an unglazed clay bowl, a coal tray, and the necessary grommets needed to get your brand new hookah smoking as soon as you receive it!

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