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Golden Desert VVS Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-GoldenDesert-VVS

What does VVS stand for? Vrrom Vrrom SMOKE!? That our best guess, we're not sure, so we'll leave that to your imagination, but all we know is that the Golden Desert VVS hookah packs big clouds into a small package.

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Golden Desert VVS Hookah

Measuring in at a total height of 18 inches (fully assembled), this portable hookah completely disassembles and fits inside the included carrying case making it simple to bring your new shisha pipe with you to your favorite smoke spots.

The stainless steel body of the stem is resistant to rust and corrosion while the fact you can take it apart makes the cleaning process a breeze. This ensures your shisha sessions will taste fresh, with proper maintenance of course.


The VVS features a wide-gauge down stem with a built in hookah diffuser as well! This serves to reduce the noise from your sessions and allows for minimal restriction from each and every pull.

You'll also notice that the modern hookah stem rests atop a threaded glass hookah base with a very crystal-esque design that will add some class to your home hookah lounge.


You can expect to receive a washable silicone hookah hose with your Golden Desert VVS, which allows you to easily rinse out any previously smoked shisha flavors from your hose with just hot water. This will ensure past sessions don't interfere with your current flavor selection and each bowl tastes as clean as possible.

As we mentioned before, the VVS comes with its own carrying case allowing it to be packed up and taken on the go. Along with the travel bag and the silicone hose, this hookah comes included with an unglazed clay Egyptian hookah bowl, a coal tray, and the necessary grommets needed to get your brand new hookah smoking as soon as you receive it!

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