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Hookah Hose Grommets

SKU: BTO-Grommet-Hose

Hookah hose grommets go on the end of your hookah hose and fit in the hose adapter of your hookah. These ensure an air-tight seal and also prevent the hookah hose from falling out while smoking. We carry several styles and sizes to fit all hookah models!

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Hookah Hose Grommets

Pick some up if your current hose grommets have become worn or torn, or simply wish to have some spares on hand for such an occasion.

Egyptian Hose Grommets are used on our Egyptian Hookahs, Khalil Mamoon Hookahs but will fit on most medium to large sized hookahs. They are made of durable plastic and can be cut with a knife or scissors for a perfect fit in your hose adapter.

Syrian Hose Grommets are used on Syrian style hookahs but will fit on most large sized pipes. They are shorter than the Egyptian hose grommets and are ideal for narrower hose adapters.

Mya Hose Grommets are used on our Mya Saray Hookahs. They are made of a thinner, stretchable rubber material and fit perfectly in a Mya Hose Adapter.

Mod Hose Grommets are used on our modern style hookahs like BYO & Amira are made of a thick black rubber material.

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