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Hookah John Ukraine Trimony

SKU: BTO-Bowl-Ukraine-Trimony

This design is very similar to their Ferris model but the Trimony features increased air flow with the grooved center spire. Praised for it's unique bowl shape, the Trimony has been a fan favorite for many years and some say that once you try this style of bowl, there’s no turning back. This version of Trimony bowl is a part of a limited collection of hookah accessories that are produced in the European region with clay sourced from Ukraine and EU countries. If you’re a hookah bowl collector, this is a sweet piece to add to your collection. <br></br> This bowl will hold 25-30 grams of shisha and allows for the use of HMD's or foil. These handmade bowls will vary in size but hold a typical height of 4" with a 3.10" diameter.

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