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HookahJohn SAOCCA Hookah Shaft

SKU: BTO-Shaft-HookahJohn-Saocca

Let's get the cat right out the bag for this piece, what does SAOCCA mean? Santa Ana Orange County CA(California). Got it? Let's move on! You're now looking one of the coolest hookah shafts on our site and it comes from the creator of some of our favorite bowls. The 24" HookahJohn SAOCCA shaft was designed and crafted in California, now the name makes sense!

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HookahJohn SAOCCA Hookah Shaft

The team sought out a design never seen before, while utilizing a material that would make people proud and happy to have a long lasting hookah. These pipes are crafted with CNC machines using a single block of aluminum to prevent unnecessary seams and provide a high level of stability.


This is where things get crazy! This is not the first time that these pipes have been available, they were released a couple years ago but updates have been made and now we're stocked on the latest model. We might lose you a bit in our explanation of the unique features within the marvelous piece, so be sure to check out the video above.

Holding this piece in your hands gives a great feeling, it's heavy with impeccable craftsmanship throughout the pipe. There's a textured effect called knurling that is utilized all over the mid section, hub, and hose port. We didn't say purge port because there isn't one! Well, technically there is but it's hidden.


Around the hub you'll find 5 angled slots that use the included ball bearings, and with the slightest effort you'll be able to clear a base in no time. It's one of the coolest purge system designs that we've seen in a while.


You and your guest will be amazed at the glove tight connections made with the use of magnetic plates within the hub, it also prevents the shaft from being assembled improperly. When you're session starts and you take that first inhale, you'll feel the full effect of the diffuser.


At the base of the wide downstem you'll find this removable piece designed to be unlike anything you've seen before! We're talking angled slits, vertical, and some useful slots underneath the diffuser.

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