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Hydro Herbal Active Shisha 50g

SKU: BTO-HYDRO-HydroActive-50g

Hydro Herbal shisha has consistently been the most popular tobacco free shisha makers in the market for quite some time, and we're excited to announce a new collection of herbal shisha in their lineup! Dubbed "HydroActive", this line of herbal shisha features many of the same great flavors that Hydro offers, but this time they have infused the shisha with a proprietary blend of essential oils for a variety of added benefits! Offering different "moods" that range from relaxation, focus, energy, and more, Hydro has spiced up their formula while still maintaining a high quality tobacco-free and nicotine-free hookah alternative. Each HydroActive flavor will come in its own 50g box that contains a sealed pouch to keep your shisha fresh. Each box contains enough flavor for approximately 2-3 hookah sessions, depending on how you pack.

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