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Kaloud Lotus 3 Stainless Steel Heat Management System

SKU: BTO-Misc-Kaloud-Lotus-iii-SS

The Lotus 3 returns with a new look! The fresh composition of their latest HMD provides a hefty stainless steel foundation for increase durability. Designed for those that want extra heat, this device can be preheated on your charcoal burner with your coals. Increasing your start up time without harming the device. This new design can be used with any Kaloud bowls and most lipped hookah bowls on the market. You can fit up to 3 cube shaped charcoal pieces inside the internal cavity. The built-in handle allows for instant control of your charcoal heat and cloud output. Leave you vents closed for the maximum heat output or leave them open to cool off your session.

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Kaloud Lotus 3 Stainless Steel Heat Management System

  • 4.33 Lid width x 2.95" Base plate x 1.8 Height
  • High grade stainless steel

This Lotus III is back with a new look and a heavier weight. This new stainless steel variant gives you the freedom to preheat the device before it goes onto your bowl. Kaloud has added sleek, built-in handles, for the lid and base which offer smooth rotation allows for easy heat management and removal of the Lotus III from your Samsaris or other Hookah Bowl.

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