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Kaloud Samsaris Aluminum Hookah Bowl

SKU: BTO-Bowl-Kaloud-Samsaris-Metal

If you were ever worried about breaking a bowl in your hookah journey, Kaloud is here to help make that a fear of the past. The newly revamped design of their aluminum core bowl can be used with any Lotus HMD and now features a fresh silicone exterior design that is still cool to the touch. They metal interior requires less charcoal to warm up your session, but if you want even more clouds this bowl is prepared for high heat situations.

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Kaloud Samsaris Aluminum Hookah Bowl

This Samsaris Vitria hookah bowl is back with a new exterior design and 5 color combinations. This updated model is designed to be used with all versions of the Kaloud Lotus, and features a flat rim to allow for an even placement of your HMD. The silicone material is slightly thicker but still doesn't require a grommet for a snug fit atop any traditional hookah design.


In a similar design to the glass version, this bowl interior features finely tuned blades that allow for easy bowl preparation and heat distribution. Make unique mixes by alternating flavor in between fin blades for a flavorful session

It doesn't take long for this bowl to achieve a temperature ideal for big fluffy clouds and it holds onto that heat with a vice grip throughout your session. You'll use less charcoal with this bowl than you would with the glass counterpart.

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