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Khalil Mamoon Glass Hookah Base


Our current selection of KM bases will vary in color. If you have a Khalil Mamoon hookah or a medium to large Egyptian style pipe and need a base, you're on the right page! These are the bread and butter for hookah lounges when it comes time to replace those shatter bases and now you can fix your setup today as well. Our bases labeled "misc" will be a grab bag style design, it could be a variety of color options but they will fit all standard KM hookah shafts.

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Khalil Mamoon Glass Hookah Base

  • Base opening: 1.75"
  • Height: 11"-12"

Khalil Mamoon glass hookah bases are individually hand made, and therefore may be subject to small aesthetic flaws and slight variation from the base pictured. Such flaws may include slight variations in exact dimensions, air bubbles in the glass, irregular brush strokes, or other small imperfections that will in no way affect the overall sturdiness and quality of the base.


If you are ordering a KM base for a hookah that is not a Khalil Mamoon Hookah, please be sure to properly measure the diameter of your base grommet to assure that it will fit.

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