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Khalil Mamoon Ice General Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-KM-IceGeneral

The Khalil Mamoon "Ice General" Hookah was forged from the flames of Egyptian fire with cold steel. The KM Ice General is the perfect hookah for puffing on thick clouds of cool smoke as well as fighting White Walkers north of Castle Black.

Color: Ice General
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Khalil Mamoon Ice General Hookah

The Ice General is not only known for its ferocious smoking capabilities, it displays an ornamental grandeur that demands the fanfare of all the great generals of history returning home from glorious triumphs in battle. The Ice General stands 31 inches tall (giving Napoleon a run for his money!).


The hand-lathed silver shaft features a large decorative golden orb adornment with ancient pharaoh funeral masks facing north, south, east and west paying homage to the fallen warriors in campaigns across the glog. The ice chamber tops the shaft to chill the smoke as it leaves the bowl through inner stem.


The hose connections are wide open, allowing the smoothest air-flow and easy draw through the hose.

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