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Khalil Mamoon Pharonie Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-KM-Pharonie

The Khalil Mamoon Pharonie single-hosed hookah pipe comes direct from Egypt and embodies all the unique lineaments found in the KM brand of hand made hookahs. The copper mid section of this hookah shaft will gain a deeper color over a short period if left unpolished.

Color: Clear
Included Premium Shisha Flavor:
Free Hookah Charcoal:
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Khalil Mamoon Pharonie Hookah

The Pharonie stands at 33 inches tall and features the traditional tri-metal finish with Egyptian-style etchings adorning the length of the shaft. Like other Khalil Mamoon hookahs, you won't find a more strongly welded or wider hose connector on anything else!

This hookah comes with a traditional clear and frosted white "bell" shaped glass base with gold decorative stripes and designs, and a 74 inch long KM hose (hose color may vary). Included are all necessary grommets, tray, Egyptian style clay bowl, and of course the free gifts so you can smoke this beauty right out of the box!

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