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Khalil Mamoon Shabah Silk Short Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-KM-ShabahSilk-Short

The Shabah Silk Short features the same style of decoration as it's taller counterpart, the Shabah Silk Ice, however you will notice a few key differences. The Shabah Silk Short is significantly shorter (hence the "short" moniker) and will not come with the built in ice bucket that its counterpart features.

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Khalil Mamoon Shabah Silk Short Hookah

Standing at 31" tall, the silver stem is adorned with detailed gold ornamentation and rests atop a handmade Egyptian glass base.


Khalil Mamoon is widely known in the hookah world for making quality, durable, good looking hookah pipes that will last a generation. The Shabah Silk Short will come to you with a classic Egyptian hookah bowl and Khalil Mamoon hookah hose included (color may vary).


The stainless-steel composition of this hookah gives it incredible durability, making it completely resistant to rust and corrosion with proper maintenance. Treat it with respect and you could pass it down to your kids someday!

Most Khalil Mamoon hookahs sport medium gauge downstems, which are designed to provide smokers with a traditional smoking experience similar to what you would find in a hookah cafe in Cairo, Egypt.

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