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Khanjar Hookah Vortex Bowl

SKU: BTO-Bowl-Vortex-Khanjar

The Khanjar Vortex bowl brings style and function to your next session. The classic deep slope body provides you with ample space for your shisha, and the lightweight build prevents any top-heavy worries. This bowl is only available in black with the iconic Khanjar logo on the exterior.

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Khanjar Vortex Hookah Bowl

  • Height- 3"
  • Diameter- 2.75"
  • Holds 10-15g of tobacco
  • Designed for foil use

The Khanjar Vortex bowl is checking in for you next session, are you ready to save shisha? This bowl has the same great features that make a traditional vortex bowl world-renowned, but in a slightly smaller package.


A raised central spire holds in more shisha juice and flavor, and the design provides unparalleled airflow, making for smoother smoke and thicker clouds.   The Khanjar Vortex Bowl holds approximately 10-15 grams of hookah tobacco, which is perfect if you're looking for a quick session without wasting any precious shisha.


We recommend sprinkling your shisha inside the Khanjar up to the interior lip, and keeping all air channels clear. This will allow for heat to easily pass through your shisha and through the spire for maximum cloud coverage.

Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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