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LED Hookah Base Light

SKU: BTO-Misc-LEDLight-LiteUp

Has your hookah session been adding that touch of "flair" that you've been looking for? Been wanting to turn your hookah into a disco? Well look no further than the Lite Up LED light!

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LiteUp LED Light For Hookah Bases Tobacco

  • Contains four LED lights
  • ~3.9 inches in diameter
  • Three light modes available
  • 10-13 hours of battery life
  • Strong, no residue adhesive that sticks right to the bottom of your hookah base
  • Available in blue and red

This flashing LED comes in the form of a circular "sticky" pad that contains the light and easily sticks to the bottom of any flat bottom hookah base, instantly turning your hookah into the life of the party! On top of the change in color, these lights also have three different "flashing modes" so you can change it up to fit your mood.

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