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Mya Chico Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Mya-Chico

The team over at Mya Saray hookahs has added another mini sized option to their collection of compact shisha pipes. The Chico design features a sharp, hexagonal stem exterior that is constructed from high quality, molded plastic.

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MYA Chico Hookah

This plastic exterior is wrapped around a stainless steel down stem that is resistant to corrosion and flavor ghosting, with proper maintenance.


Mya added in another new feature: a hidden purge system! Your purge valve is located inside the stem (rather than sticking out the side) and several small, inconspicuous holes in the hub allow harsh and stale smoke to escape with ease.


These hookah will add a little style to your collection with multiple stem and base color options, as well as matching accessories. It comes ready to smoke with an included ceramic Egyptian style Mya bowl and a non-washable Mya hookah hose, as well as all the grommets you'll need to ensure an airtight smoke session every time.


For an added bonus, the Chico also comes with a carrying cage for easy storage and transport!

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