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Mya Econo Gelato 2 Hose Hookah

SKU: BTO-Mya-Econo-Gelato-Double

Let's give you another hose to go with that MYA hookah, now you don't have to worry about sharing your hose. The Econo MYA Gelato has the ability to be converted into a 2 hose hookah with a quick unscrew of the purge valve.

Included Premium Shisha Flavor:
Free Hookah Charcoal:
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Exono MYA Gelato 2 Hose Hookah

Introducing the "Econo" Mya Gelato hookah, the line of affordable, high-quality hookahs from the renowned Mya Saray. Much like its larger counterpart, the Mya Gelato, this 13" tall pipe comes in a wide array of sturdy colored glass which is much a decorative art piece as it is the most pleasurable way to experience rich, flavored shisha tobacco.


The "Econo"-Mya Gelato comes with 2 Mya Woodtip hoses (updated pictures will be coming soon), tray, matching porcelain bowl, and all the necessary grommets to ensure an air-tight seal.


Replacement bowls for the Econo Mya Gelato Hookah can be found in our Small Mya Hookah Base section.

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