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Mya QT Gold Hookah

SKU: BTO-Mya-QT-Gold

We were just jumping for joy after taking a look at the new Mya QT in black and POOF we've got a gold model now. The original model was one of the first hookahs to rest on top of our desktops in the warehouse and we've recommended them to several people over the years.

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MYA QT Gold Hookah

This package will hook-ah you up with a bold gold 10" hookah from top to bottom and several glass base options. The Mya QT hookah also features a unique wire basket, instead of the traditional padded carrying case, and holds the disassembled QT snugly for easy storage or transport where larger, bulkier hookahs can't go.


This hookah can be upgraded to a 2 hose version with the use of a large Mya hose adapter. By removing the purge valve and replacing it with an adapter, your hookah will be able to be used by two people at the same time.

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