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Mystique Ice Hose Mouth Tip

SKU: BTO-Hosetip-Mystique-Ice

Inside the Mystique Ice Hose Tip 2.0 are non-toxic packets of a special gel that act like ice cubes when frozen. As the smoke travels through the tip and comes in contact with the frozen water packets, it is chilled to an epically cool temperature for the smoothest, iciest, and most enjoyable hookah experience imaginable!

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Mystique Ice Hose Hookah Mouth Tip

The Mystique Ice Hose Tip 2.0 measures 12 inches in length and will fit on both the large and small hookah hoses, depending on the hose handle. In the center is a decorative band made of fabric with Moroccan-style designs (designs may vary slightly).


While the original Mystique Ice Hose Tip was fantastic the Mystique 2.0 bests the original in nearly all areas. The 2.0 ice tip should stay cool for over 2 hours and will make your hookah smoke up to 25% cooler. The new design is also 1 inch shorter than the original and features a new shape that is more comfortable when it is held.


Always remember to run some water through the Mystique mouth tip after each session to keep it clean and looking fresh.

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