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Nammor Beacon Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Nammor-Beacon

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the tallest hookah available in our store. Get Guinness on the phone, because this hookah is almost 4 feet tall! Worry not about instability due to its supreme stature, the Nammor Beacon Hookah is solid and as stable as they come - and smokes wonderfully to boot!

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Nammor Beacon Hookah

At 47 inches tall, the Nammor Beacon Hookah is the epitome of handmade Egyptian hookah awesomeness. Impress your friends and be the envy of hookah forum members with this towering treasure that features a stem unlike anything you've seen before.

This hookah comes paired up with a large Egyptian Silver Striped or Gold Striped base, a washable Ripper Silicone hose, and, for a limited time only, an upgraded Gambit phunnel bowl! Once you set this Egyptian jewel up and start smoking, you'll immediately be guided through a shisha adventure of hookah-gasmic proportions!

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