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Nirvana Eclipse Shisha Mix & Match Half Kilo (Choose any 5 X 100g)

SKU: BTO-NIRVANA-Eclipse-100g-x5

One bag isn't enough when the pouches are packing a buzz as strong what's inside the Nirvana Eclipse shisha blend. Our half kilo super pack provides you with 5 100g bags of the Nirvana Eclipse series, and you get to select each flavor. Stock up on past favorites, or try something new and unlock a unique flavor combo.

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Nirvana Eclipse Shisha Mix & Match Half Kilo Super Pack

The brand with all the buzz is back with a new formula and flavor line up. Our friends at Medwakh are hailed as masters of the Dokha game and they're once again showing the hookah market a new way to utilize the super buzzy Dokha tobacco.


Nirvana Eclipse takes the buzz up a notch by using dark leaf tobacco, instead of their golden blond cut from the original Nirvana line. This means you'll have more of a kick in your session as well as stronger flavor profiles with better longevity.


We do not recommend the Eclipse dark leaf for beginners or smokers who are sensitive to high nicotine.


This collection will arrive in 100g resealable pouch with a double sealed interior bag for ultimate freshness. Medwakh makes these handcrafted batches of shisha in Kansas and they're packed with a lot of flavor.


Nirvana Eclipse Flavor Descriptions

Andromeda - Peppermint + Spearmint

Apus - Peach + Mint
Aurora - Grapefruit + Cranberry

Callisto - Cranberry + Grapefruit + Vanilla
Carina - Melon + Mint + Honey
Castor - Grapefruit + Mint
Cressida - Double Apple
Cygni - Citrus + Mint + Blueberry
Dorado - Raspberry + Cream
Draco - Honey + Blueberry +Vanilla

Elara - Spearmint

Eridani - White Grape + Mint

Fornax - Black Grape
Herculis - Energy Drink
Hipparcos - Guava + Mint
Hydra - Orange Soda
Janus - Grape + Watermelon + Mint

Kalypso - Cherry + Peach + Vanilla

Kepler - Coffee + Cinnamon + Clove + Vanilla

Libra - Indian Spices

Lynx - Peach

Lyra - Cinnamon Gum
Monoceros - Gum Mint

Nash - Cappuccino + Cinnamon + Chocolate

Nova - Coffee + Peach + Bergamot

Oberon - Orange Soda

Orion - Mango + Strawberry + Peach

Pavo - Orange + Mint

Pegasi - Passion Fruit + Mint

Pictus - Grape + Mango + Apple
Pollux - Cherry + Mint

Portia - White Grape + Honey + Cranberry + Rose

Rigel - Mango + Peach + Watermelon + Mint

Scorpius - Spiced Banana Blend
Sirius - Grapefruit + Cinnamon

Tatania - Vanilla + Spices

Tauri - Vanilla + Spices
Tucano - Jasmine + Cream
Ursa Major - Coffee + Guava
Vega - Double Apple + Pomegranate

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