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Nirvana Shisha Booster

SKU: BTO-ShishaBooster-Nirvana-45g

Adds an additional "buzz" to your session Infused with dokha tobacco Multiple flavors available You can go ahead and skip out on the coffee today, because if you're looking for a delicious "pick me up", look no further. Previously we were introduced to this shisha nicotine booster under the name "Celestial Shisha Enhancer", and this product definitely took our buzz limit to the next level. We thought the further development of this style of enhancer was finished, but there were some "flavorful" tweaks available and now we proudly present to you the Nirvana Shisha Booster. This new Nirvana product allows you to add more of a buzz to any type of shisha, and now it also has the benefit of increasing/adding more flavor to your session.

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Shisha Booster Ingredients If you're familiar with the Nirvana product line, then you know they're about one thing, the buzz. The Nirvana product line comes from Medwakh, and they're a company with a main focus in Dokha pipe tobacco and Medwakh pipes. Dokha is the main ingredient in Shisha booster, and this all natural additive comes from the tip of the tobacco leaf, which contains the most nicotine. Shisha Booster will give you a buzz very early into your session, and depending on your ratio this could be something felt throughout the majority of your session. Nirvana Shisha Booster is only available in a 45g bottle, and you'll have 8 flavors to choose from, one of them being unflavored. Once you've decided on a flavor of shisha and bowl to use, take out enough tobacco for a standard session but don't load it up just yet. Spread the shisha out and add the desired amount of shisha booster to your hookah tobacco, and begin to mix it up well. We recommend starting off with a smaller portion, roughly around 5-10% of the tobacco you plan to use. There is a limit as to how much nicotine you can intake, so start off with a small amount and gauge your preference. When we used the unflavored booster, our enhanced shisha portions make up 80% of the bowl, and then we add 20% of standard shisha as the top layer. It is theoretically possible to smoke a entire bowl of Nirvana Shisha Booster, but we do not encourage it, unless you're wondering what it's like to be on the moon. The 7 other flavors from this line will add the perfect amount of flavor and buzz to your session, and we found a stronger flavor from the enhancer when more heat was applied. We hope to see some more booster flavors from Nirvana soon, but in the meantime you can choose from: Unflavored Divine Double Apple Glorious Grape Gratifying Grape Mint Levitation Lemon Magnificent Mango Maximum Mint Soaring Sweet Melon
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