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NU Exotic Orange Shisha Tobacco

SKU: BTO-MYA-ExoticOrange

Can you guess what Mya Exotic Orange shisha tobacco tastes like? That's right! You can expect the single-note flavor of orange to be dominant here. Primarily a sweet shisha, there will be notes of subtle "tartness" or "zest" that are commonly found in citrus hookah tobaccos.

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Size: 250G
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MYA Shisha Tobacco Exotic Orange Flavor

The team over at Mya Saray hookahs, known around the world for their pipes, have now created their own shisha tobacco to use in your session! Manufactured in Germany, this "blonde leaf" shisha is designed to be easy to use and manage, providing a flavor-forward experience. These flavors are also quite juicy, so you can expect thick clouds out of your bowl. Available in a variety of tastes, these will come with a resealable 250g jar.

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