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Nu Shisha Tobacco 250g

SKU: BTO-Nu-250g-Box

We can never have enough hookah flavors and there's nothing like to the first puff from a new blend. Today we're enjoying a fresh collection of flavors from a "Nu" brand that gained popularity over the recent year. Nu shisha tobacco provides 15 blends of traditional flavor with mint and unique blends like California Dream. The Nu tobacco brand made a name from themselves in the overseas market and we're excited to hear your feedback on this "Nu" collection.

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NU Shisha Tobacco 250g Flavors

The flavors comes with ease when you're using Nu Tobacco as each blend can be used in any style of hookah and bowl. We recommend sprinkling the shisha into your bowl with a fluff pattern and adding more depending on your preference. To achieve the best flavor from each blend use 2-4pieces natural hookah charcoal when you heat up sessions.


NU Shisha Flavor Descriptions 
Blueberry Mint - Swee blueberry and mint
California Dream - Pineapple with orange and coconut
Grape Mint - White grape with ice mint
Gum Mint - Cold spearmint
Lemon Mint - Sweet candy lemon with natural mint
Orange Mint - Natural orange with mint
Organic Mint - Earthy mint leaf with cool exhale
Pan Rasna - Spiced treated, IYKYK
Two Apple - Anise with red and green apples
Twp Apple Mint - The same as above but with mint
Vanilla - Creamy and sweet classic vanilla
Watermelon Mint - Fresh fruit taste with mint

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