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NU Strong Two Apple Mint Shisha Tobacco

SKU: BTO-NU-TwoAppleMint

This is Nu's double-the-flavor Two Apple flavor plus a smooth mint! Nu Shisha Tobacco combines individually selected leaves, hand cut tobacco, and slow steeping, so the leaves soak up the shisha flavor very well! Nu Shisha Tobacco comes in many different flavors and do very well when mixed together.

Size: 250G
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NU Shisha Two Apple Mint Flavor

The flavors comes with ease when you're using Nu Tobacco as each blend can be used in any style of hookah and bowl. We recommend sprinkling the shisha into your bowl with a fluff pattern and adding more depending on your preference. To achieve the best flavor from each blend use 2-4pieces natural hookah charcoal when you heat up sessions.

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