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Oak Wookah Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Wookah-Oak

Wookah takes an eco-friendly approach when sourcing their materials and utilize wood from fallen trees that have passed, also know as reclaimed wood. Wookah hookahs are manufactured in Poland, and each stem is inspected after completion to ensure that you receive an amazing work of art.

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Wookah Oak Wood Hookah

The most economical of the Wookah Hookahs may make the Wookah Oak seem like the lesser of its brothers - but that assumption would be dead wrong. Oak is such a popular material for a reason, its density of 0.75g/cm3 (0.43 oz/cu in) gives it great strength and toughness.


Additionally, oak is very resistant to damage from insects and fungus, not to mention the beauty of its coloring and grain marks. There's a reason the saying "strong as an oak" is around, oak is awesome and so is your Wookah Oak!


All the metal components of this Wookah Oak are made of high quality V2A stainless-steel that has been cut using the precision technology of CNC Lathe machines. The threading cut into the stainless-steel is incredibly smooth, they all line up perfectly and the silicone washers used at every connection helps prevent over-tightening.


The stainless-steel isn't just for the exterior good looks. The high quality metal also makes up the downstem on the Wookah Oak! This wide-gauge downstem truly is wide, and will help you pull in a great amount of smoke from the base


Thunderclouds ahead! The end of the downstem is clean cut, no bell or flared out section, so it will be able to take a diffuser which will increase the smoothness of the pull and decrease the rumble.

Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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