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Oduman N2 Glass Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Oduman-N2

Don't let your eyes fool you, this isn't a hookah designed for "art," instead it's designed for smooth thunder clouds. The top lid is removable if you would like to toss some fruit inside, but we are here to find out what makes this hookah rock. The Oduman N2 glass hookah stands at 11" inches tall, with the largest diameter of the base at 6 1/2" inches wide.

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Oduman N2 Glass Hookah

These unique glass hookahs are designed and manufactured in Turkey, where they have created a bold name for themselves in the European hookah market. Each glass hookah receives a quality assurance test before they are made available on the market, ensuring that you will receive your hookah free of defects.


The Oduman N2 hookah package does not include a hookah bowl or grommet, but the bowl port allows this hookah to be used with the most popular bowls on the market. The Oduman collection of hookahs feature a combination that we don't see too often, and that is the use of high quality glass, with a smooth stainless steel.


They have expertly fused the two materials in three locations: the bowl port and coal tray, hose port, and purge valve. Throughout each connection you will find a finely threaded stainless steel section, this guarantees that you have a snug fit within each joint.


The included hose is made from silicone and it features a stainless steel threaded connection, this secures tightly to the base of the hookah with a rubber washer to prevent over tightening.


This is one of the most important aspects to purchasing a glass hookah, the overall glass quality. The Oduman glass hookahs only utilize a high of grade glass for their hookahs, this type of quality we can find in thick glassware like soda jars and bowls.


When there is no water in the hookah, it will still provide you with a solid weight and feel. Once you add your water or base art, this bad boy will be staying put until you decide to move it around.


These hookah could stand out in your collection easily, but there is one included accessory that will make your setup pop. The LED light base will turn your hookah N2 a full light show, and it has an included remote to control the colors to your preference

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