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Oduman N5z Glass Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Oduman-N5z-Clear

Have you ever smoked from a levitating hookah? Well neither have we, but the new Oduman N5z model brings us closer to our futuristic goals for hookahs. From the sturdy base plate to the traditional bowl port at the top, this hookah measures in at 18.5".

Color: Clear
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 Oduman N5z Glass Hookah

Oduman designs and manufactures their glass hookah in Turkey, where they use high quality glass and stainless steel components to create a long lasting series of pipes. The Oduman N5z hookah package does not include a hookah bowl or grommet, but the bowl port allows this hookah to be used with the most popular bowls on the market.


The N series uses the combination of quality glass and stainless to provide you with a rust and corrosion proof setup bound to impress friends for years. Oduman's glass body will act as your base and central hub for all of your component connections, plus it looks great once it's filled with smoke.


Once fully assembled the base plate will keep your hookah stable, and the included diffuser helps against any vibrations.


This jet black stand also includes a hookah hose holder for a tangle free session and it's works great with breaks while gaming. The flat coal tray is tightly secured beneath the threaded bowl port which provides great durability when it comes time to knock the ash off your charcoal.


The N5z hookahs are equipped with a single rust proof ball bearing hidden within the purge valve that creates an easy purge process.


The Oduman N5z will arrive with a 5ftsilicone hookah hose, and this medical grade material is fully washable so each session can be as crisp as the first. The Oduman hoses have a weighted stainless steel handle, this portion is of the same quality as the downstem, so once again rust and corrosion aren't in your future.


Secure the hose to the glass body by screwing the threaded end piece to glass body, ensuring a snug fit without air leaks. The LED light turns your hookah N5z into party pipe and it has an included remote to control the colors to your preference.

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