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Othmani Shisha Super Pack (Choose any 3 X 100g + Natural Charcoal)

SKU: BTO-Othmani-100g-x3-Quicklight

Your hookah session can happen anywhere with our selection of quick light hookah coal and Othmani shisha tobacco. These coals require a single flame lighter and a couple of minutes, then you're in cloudy situation. Othmani is always fresh and ready to go for any level of hookah smoker.

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Othmani Shisha Super Pack With Quick Light Coals

This is not the first rodeo for Othmani, a few years ago it was the "talk of the town" for some hookah fans but then it disappeared and took the delicious Agean Spice with it. There were some complaints and almost a riot for their Star Of Al Hamra flavor to return, but the wait is over people.


Othmani is back! All of the Othamni blends will arrive in a 100g resealable pouch that features a double sealed interior bag.


Grab any bowl out of your collection and get your coals ready for a delicious session. You can prepare the Othmani session with a fluff preparation to save on tobacco usage, or you can add a little pressure to fill in more tobacco for a longer session. Othmani tobacco will work in any style of a hookah bowl with proper heat on top.

Our sessions utilized phunnel bowls and natural hookah charcoal but this tobacco is super versatile so have fun!


Othmani Shisha Flavor Descriptions 

Aegean Spice - Sweet and delicious spice mix

Byblos Peach - Natural peach with a little fuzz and spearmint

Izmir Melon - Watermelon and pistachio blend
Marrakech Mint - Traditional mint and spearmint

Nabatieh Strawberry - Ripe strawberry with tart lemon mix
Star Of Al Hamra - Sooo good. Cranberry with mango and pineapple

Turkish Coffee - Arabian Coffee. It's a treat!

Zanzibar Double Apple - We're not gonna cook it, but we'll order this double apple from Zanzibar!

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