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Pharaohs Autoseal Hookah Hose Adapter

SKU: BTO-HoseAdapter-Pharaohs-Autoseal

Simple to use, this adapter replaces the pharaohs hookahs purge valve and turns it into a two-hose setup. This device can be used when needed, and we don't recommend tossing your purge cap just in case you want a solo session.

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Pharaohs Auto-Seal Hookah Hose Adapter

This is an autoseal hose adapter for Pharaoh's Hookahs. Simple to use, this adapter replaces the hookah's check valve and turns it into a two-hose setup. This makes it even easier to share your hookah with friends, Romans, and countrymen.


Just unscrew your check (purge) valve, screw in the hose adapter, and now you have a multi-hose Pharaohs hookah setup. Because this adapter features an autoseal design, you will still be able to use your hookah as a single-hose while leaving this adapter in place.


This hose adapter is designed for Pharaoh's hookahs, including the Cleo, Mirage, Mist, and Kronos. It will not work with other hookahs.


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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