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Pharaohs Flexx Hookah Hose

SKU: BTO-Hose-Pharaohs-Flexx

This might be one of the only fully collapsible hookah hoses we've seen. The Pharaohs Flexx hose is designed to extend to your desired length with a max reach of 73 inches. This plastic hose tubing can fit within the anodized aluminum handle for easy storage.

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Pharaohs Flexx Hookah Hose

  • Length - 73" (including handle)
  • Handle Length - 18"
  • Accordion style designed for increased flexibility
  • 100% Washable

Does your hookah hose need a little bit more flexibility? If it's a yes then you are on the right page, because we are excited to present a new hookah hose to the market. The Pharaohs Flexx hookah hose is fully retractable and measures out to 18" long before extension, and 73" in length once you fully extend the hose.


We are all pretty familiar with the movement of our hookah hose, but there has never been a time when we could just collapse the entire and be on our way. The Flexx hose has the ability to do this because of the accordion style design applied to the tubing, and depending on your age this hose may bring flashbacks of the arms on the robot from  "Lost in Space". DANGER, DANGER. 

This heavy duty plastic tubing material has a hard time holding on to strong flavor profiles, so enjoy any style of flavor you desire without the fear of losing your hose to a single flavor aroma.

When it comes time to clean the Flexx hose, make sure that the hose is fully extended so you don't miss any nooks and folds. Once the hose is fully extended, unscrew the mouth tip portion to allow for a easy rinsing process and once you're done just screw the top back on.

We recommend letting the hose hang dry while maintaining the fully extended length, this will prevent trapped water from holding on to the flavor profiles as you smoke.


The Flexx hose should be an accessory that stays in your arsenal for quite some time, the high grade aluminum will block the effects of corrosion and rust. This smooth anodized aluminum body will never fade in color, and also features a comfortable contoured grip to allow for stress free smoking experience while multitasking.

You can enjoy this style of hose with just about any hookah on the market, just make sure you have the proper grommet for your setup.


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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